A weed just like any other drug has side effects when used. The side effects are practically dependent on the type of consumption and therefore the weed experience is almost wholly dependent on way of consumption: if it was smoked or eaten with food. Like any other user, everyone wants to experience exactly according to the expectation regardless of whether it was eaten or smoked. Just as it sounds, edibles are taken through the mouth and later absorbed in the stomach while smoked is immediately absorbed in the brain. The effects are therefore entirely different due to the fact that the way of absorption into the body is absolutely different. 

Edible weed takes a relatively longer time before it takes effect on the body system contrast to the smoked weed. This is one clear comparison of smoking weed vs. edibles effects because a time taken until it is digested and absorbed into the blood system is little bit longer. However, the effects are potent and longer lasting because of the strong THC which is metabolized in the liver to produce 11-hydroxy-THC a very strong compound. This compound is absorbed into the blood system after about an hour of digestion. The effect can take up to 6 hours without the one taking another dose. 

On the other hand, smoking weed let the THC component be almost instantly be absorbed into the brain system and hence the effect is almost immediately; one becomes high quickly. However, though it takes the very shortest time to be efficient in the context of smoking weed vs. edibles effects, this highness takes the very shortest time and the person is back to the normal brain working system.  Highness takes about one to two hours in contrast to the eaten weed. 

Another main factor is the amount of consumption or quantity between the two ways of consumption and related effects, that is, smoking weed vs. edibles effects. The one who eats the weed stands at a higher risk of overconsumption since the process of absorption takes to almost 3 hours rendering one be skeptic of the predetermined expected results. One should therefore be very cautious about it and if possible waits for a good 24hours to elapse before taking another dose. This places the one on a safer side as he is able draw a good conclusion on the time it takes to take notable effects on the individual’s body.   

In conclusion, I shall not be far from the truth to apparently state that there is no much side effects difference between the two ways of consumption. It is just the length of time it takes to have notable expected effects on the individual that differs. If one prefers eating weed than smoking, he is recommended to take from very small quantities on the first place and wait for the results before taking the second dose to avoid overdose or overconsumption. 

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