CBD (Cannabidiol) are non-psychotic component of cannabis and hemp whose effect of highness is so mild and is commonly used in treating some ailments. With many countries easing restriction on use of cannabis product, CBD has found potential use in the medical area for pets and other animals, as well as mankind. 

Uses of CBDs for pets 

Not much exist in data and research findings, however, a good number of pet owners have reported significant changes in behaviors among their pets after subsequent use of CBDs dosage. Some of the most common applications and uses of CBD in pets are: 

  • It stabilizes the pets’ central and peripheral nervous system – they affect the endocannabis system which harmonizes the internal body functions. Some of the body functions influenced by the endocannabis system are: appetite, mood, memory, cardiac pace and movement disorder. With this property, it is widely used medically in tackling insomnia and depression.  
  • Helps in controlling seizure –seizure/ anxiety is caused by secretion of the cortisol hormone. Since CBDs suppress the production of cortisol and also neutralizes the ones already present in the body, its use as an anti-depressant is therefore not misplaced. It has been reported that intake of the CBD greatly causes improved patterns among disturbed pets showing it’s an ideal remedy for anxiety. 

  • Helps in controlling neuropathic pain –the body manages pain through secretion of anandamide. The production of this anandamide is greatly influenced by endocanabinoid. Since CBDs are rich in this, they easily incorporate themselves into the system thus minimizing pain. Further, they inhibit inflammation in the brain and the central nervous system which boosts immune system and pain reduction. The compound also binds to the nerve endings acting as synapse blockers, causing great pain reduction. 

  • Anti-cancer – cancer is one of the most feared ailments whose cure is not to come in this near future. However, its excruciating pain and other effects are minimized by use of CBDs. Pain and nausea caused by cancer can be reduced by intake of CBD in prescribed dosages. Though some insignificant negative effects can be experienced, it is an ideal bet. 

SIDE effects of CBDs on pets 

  Just like in its uses, there are no conclusive findings on negative effects of cannabidiol’s use on pets. However, pet owners who have tried CBDs on their animals have reported some. Some of the side effects included: 

  • Dry mouth – just as it inhibits cortisol secretion, it also reduces secretion of saliva which is evidence through dry mouth and thirst on pets. 
  •  Drowsiness – its ability to inhibit cortisol secretion which leads to calmness may cause drowsiness in pets if used in excess. 
  • Low blood pressure – excessive intake of CBDs may cause drop in blood pressure. This is normally accompanied by light headedness. 


Going by the ever growing number of users, it is evident that CBDs are an ideal remedy for some ailments in pets. However, being mildly psychoactive, it is necessary that its use be regulated to prevented excessive use and abuse. Further, more research needs to be done to ascertain their pharmacology, side effects are the right dosage.

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