The world is slowly and gradually moving towards a marijuana open society due to the proven recreational and medicinal benefits. They are both species of the cannabis plant. This article explains similar features and the extreme differences. Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are just two of the three. Cannabis is in three categories; Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Ruderalis does not yield a good amount of medicine compared to the two that’s why cannabis farmers intentionally avoid cultivating it 

Some research has shown that Sativa creates the high and energizing effect while Indica does the opposite with a calming and relaxing effect  

Need to make a decision on which one best suits you? Below are some pointers 


The sativa is primarily grown in hot and humid environments. These areas mostly lie within Africa, South Eastern parts of Asia, select areas of Western Asia, and the Central areas of America 

The plant is quite tall standing at least 12 feet. It is tall, thin and the leaves are very skinny. They take a longer time to mature. They are light green  

The sativa has high THC and lower CBD  

Sativa can be taken in the daytime due to fewer side effects 

Sativa enhances a person’s creativity and general creativity 

It creates a mind high; activates the mind to be able to tackle difficult tasks 

They generally yield less medicine. The black market is using this to its advantage to produce low-quality Sativa. Most are not indicated the kind of strain in it hence the confusion among patients 

Sativa is better at treating and managing psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD 


These plants survive in extreme environments of dry and harsh weather such as Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, and India. These countries fall within the Hindu Kush Mountain 

They are short and chunky in appearance. They keep a short distance from the ground and spread out broad. They mature in a shorter time and are purple 

They are known to have higher CBD levels 

Indica gives a relaxing effect and reduces pain 

It has the couch clock side effect, this effect makes it best to be taken at night 

Has a variety of strains such as  

  • Northern lights –  herbal and citrus scent 
  • Bubba Kush – Gives full-body relaxation effect  
  • Granddaddy purp – Grapes and berry scent with a body high  
  • Kosher Kush – Gives a fruity smell  

Gives a body high  

Indicas are good for treating pain and bringing inflammations down. These conditions may include cancer, arthritis, etc. 

Indica releases a musty and earthy odor 


The quest to know whether to use Indica or Sativa to use will always boil down to why you want the cannabis in the first place. One of the safest ways to be sure is to try both of them at separate times. Importantly, understand that our bodies are different, therefore the effects and benefits may vary at times. Talk to your doctor to get the go-ahead and get the correct dose  

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