This strain of mushrooms is among the most common variety of mushrooms. Unlike a species considered a unique genetic lineage that cannot interbreed, the Golden Teachers Mushroom Strain is regarded as a strain as it does interbreed. This strain belongs to the Psilocybe genus, and the family to which psilocybe belongs is called Hymenogastraceae. This strain grows in significant flushes, which is why cultivators love them. The growth journey of this mushroom strain is known to have a substantial impact; therefore, psychonauts adore them. This strain of mushrooms is also popular because of its ease in cultivating them. 

Their Appearance 

This HeySero Canada mushroom strain is characterized by ashy red-coloured caps with a golden or yellow centre. It is also characterized by a stipe that is broader towards the base, which is also hollow. The caps usually have a diameter of around 5 centimetres, and the first harvest after planting yields medium-sized flushes. The second and preceding harvests are generally more significant than the first. The gills of this strain of mushrooms are either coloured white or purple-brown.

The Benefits of Golden Teachers Mushroom Strain

This strain of mushrooms is beneficial in the field of medicine. It is used to treat patients who have various mental conditions. These mental conditions may include depression and anxiety. It is also used to treat patients who are being rehabilitated from addiction to smoking. This strain will also be more beneficial once trials on treating anorexia are complete. It is also believed that this strain helps people improve their satisfaction in their lives; that is, it helps improve people’s lifestyle, relationships and spiritual matters.

How They Are Grown

To grow this strain of mushrooms, one needs spores sourced from online retailers or physical stores. This method is mainly preferred by cultivators who optimize their yields by customizing the cultivation process. The second way it can be grown is by using a grow kit. They are preferred mainly by cultivators whose goal is to grow them fast and efficiently. While using a grow kit, it is essential to monitor and keep it at optimal temperature. An advantage of growing this strain is that it is the easiest to grow among mushrooms and can produce even under the lowest optimal conditions.

This Golden Teachers Mushroom Strain is limited in supply as it is illegal in some countries. These countries should legalize their growth and usage to reap the most benefits.

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