CBD aids the immune system by interacting with a part of the brain that helps maintain balance in pets. Veterinary medicine has not been left behind.  Veterinary medicine has been revolutionized by the discovery of CBD oil. Vets worldwide are now prescribing CBD oils for pets treatment.

CBD oil is increasingly used in items such as lotions, soaps, and supplements. It has been credited for healing long-term ailments and relieving chronic pain by people who have used it.

Vets have noted that CBD oils can be used as supplements for your pets to boost their immunity. CBD oils are being used as treatments for your pets who have been diagnosed with diseases like cancer, for pain treatment, anti-nausea, stimulate appetite and anti-anxiety. 

CBD oils are legal in most countries and can be used widely. However, because it is a relatively new treatment, research is still ongoing, and government authorities have not authorized the use of CBD oils for pets.

In addition, there is also no proof of adverse effects of CBD oils on pets who have used the treatment unless they are not well administered. Therefore, as a pet owner, if giving your pet the oils seems to have improved your pet’s health, then go ahead and continue. 

Some physicians feel that the CBD craze is just that; there is no scientific proof that CBD oils lead to the rapid healing of pet disease; therefore, administration of CBD should be done with caution.

How is CBD oil administered?

CBD oils can be administered through various methods to monitor the dosage and make it more palatable for the pet.

CBD pet oils droppers: can be used to drop the oil directly into the pets’ mouths. This is an excellent method to administer the oil because you can know how much CBD is contained in each drop.

 It may take some adjustment for both the pet owner and the pet to hold the pet tight enough to drop the oil in the mouth. 

 CBD oil treats: the oils can also be administered through pet treats. The oils are infused into the pets” treats. With this method, you can’t tell how much CBD oil gets wasted and how much gets digested. This method is best if you are using it as a supplement. 


Like all medicine, CBD oils for pets have side effects, especially if given in large doses. Dry mouth, especially for dogs, low blood pressure, and drowsiness if given in high doses are some of the noted side effects. 

It is always advisable to always consult your vet before administrating CBD for CAT and CBD oils to your pet so that he can guide you on the dosage and if it will react to other medication. 

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